What Should You Take on a Long Car Journey?

(Image Source: Flickr)

Road trips can be exciting and fun, but it is important to make sure that certain preparations have been made in advance of a lengthy drive. Everyone has their own methods of ensuring their readiness for such an endeavour, be it by making a list of items to pack, collecting together a playlist of favourite songs, or bringing along much loved food items or games; but it is also crucial to take certain items that can make the drive safer, cheaper or just more interesting!

Planning the route

There are a number of ways in which to go about planning a route for your road trip, but all of them ultimately boil down to personal priorities and preferences. If your first priority is to save money, see many attractions during your journey, travel in fine weather or just get to your ultimate destination as quickly as you possibly can, these priorities and preferences will be crucial to the decision you make as to which route to take. There are a number of websites that can help you to find the routes with the best attractions and even the cheapest fuel, and it can also be a good idea to use the internet to check what the weather is going to be like during your road trip. After all, choosing a route for the sake of seeing attractions will be rather redundant in bad weather.

Safety first

The most important aspect of any road trip is to make certain that you are able to stay safe throughout the duration of your journey. Long drives have a tendency to become rather tedious, but this is no excuse for speeding, or for making use of mobile phones when you are supposed to be keeping your eyes firmly on the road. The good news is there are ways to stay in touch with the rest of the world, without putting you and your passengers in danger by playing with your phone during driving. Android has a number of apps that encourage safe driving including Auto SMS, which takes care of both calls and text messages automatically, and can even read aloud text messages so there is no need to even glance at your phone. The iPhone also has similar apps available.

Remember to have fun

Above all it is important to remember that road trips are supposed to be fun, and music and games are a good way to make sure that is the case. Music is very easy to get hold of these days thanks to services including Spotify, 8Tracks, Pandora and so on, meaning that it will be easy to find good music to listen to throughout your road trip. Of course there are still good old-fashioned radio stations to listen to on your journey as well, and there are a variety of games that can be played by travellers without the need for boards, parts or devices that would distract the driver. Make the most of your trip, and have fun!