How To Prepare Yourself and Your Car For Driving At Night

Let’s face it; for the most people, people will be driving their cars during daylight hours. If you are a learner, or have recently passed your test, driving at night can be a scary prospect. The thing about night driving is that familiar landmarks and roads look a whole lot different.

And to make matters worse, some roads have poor street lighting, or even no lighting at all! You have to concentrate even harder on the road when you drive at night, despite the fact that there are fewer motorists on the road.

If you have yet to venture out in your car after dark, this handy blog post will help you to prepare yourself and your car for the experience. Soon, driving at night will be second nature to you!

How’s your eyesight?

A lot of motorists don’t realise that their eyesight can be to blame for difficulty focusing on things. When you drive at night, you need to focus more on the environment around you than you would during the day.

There is a high probability that you will encounter wildlife on the road, such as foxes, deers, badgers and so forth. Unlike human pedestrians, wildlife don’t use level crossings. Nor will they wait for the road to be clear before they cross!

If your hazard perception is quite bad at night, you should head down to your local opticians and get your eyesight checked out.

Don’t drive if you feel tired

As you drive during the hours of darkness, you will doubtless feel tired and sleepy. But if you’ve had little sleep the night before, you will feel completely exhausted!

It’s never a good idea to drive at night if you feel like you’re about to fall asleep. Don’t drive if you feel tired.

Make sure you take a charged mobile phone

Before you set off, you should ensure that your mobile phone has a full battery. It’s always a good idea to take a charged mobile phone with you whenever you drive in case of emergencies.

If your car breaks down, for instance, it will be easier to get help than if you had to walk to a place with a public telephone.

Clean your car

A car that has mud and dirt caked all over it will reduce visibility of the road ahead and the environment around you. Headlights will be dimmer than they should be, and tail lights won’t be as reflective.

If you aren’t a fan of car cleaning, you could always pay someone else to do it for you. It will cost you less than £5, and will be money well spent!

Make use of satellite navigation

It can sometimes be hard to find specific streets in the dark, especially if the area is not well-lit. One thing you can do is to take a sat nav device with you.

You could also download a satellite navigation app on your smartphone. You can also buy a windscreen or dashboard mount for your phone so that you don’t have to hold your phone whilst driving.

Good luck and stay safe!