Advanced Driving Lessons: What and Why

If you’ve recently gained your full licence, you’ll probably be aware of the PassPlus course – this six module course is for anyone who has passed their test in the last 12 months, and enables you to get a discount on your car insurance.

But did you know that you can also learn a whole new level of driving skills, which could get you further car insurance discounts and – more importantly – make you a much safer and more confident driver for life?

What are Advanced Driving Lessons?

Advanced driving lessons can be taken by anyone with a full licence, at any time. There are a number of providers of advanced driving courses, including RoSPA, the RAC and the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Successfully passing your advanced driving test brings you a range of benefits, depending on the body you’ve trained with, but this typically includes discounted car insurance and other membership offers.

But I Already Know How to Drive!

Yes, you do know how to drive to the basic standards required by the ordinary driving test. However, the advanced driving test is based on the “Roadcraft” system, which is the system used to train police pursuit drivers and police motorcyclists. Advanced driving skills give you a whole new understanding of how to drive safely and efficiently.

What Will I Gain from an Advanced Driving Course?

As well as learning how to drive more safely and potentially saving money on your car insurance, there are a range of other benefits to advanced driving. By and large you will:

– cut your fuel costs as you learn to drive more efficiently and economically
– cut down the wear and tear on your vehicle, for the same reason
– be able to cut journey times by knowing how to drive faster when safe to do so
– be more confident and calm behind the wheel
– be able to recover from potentially danger situations

What Does an Advanced Driving Course Involve?

Most advanced driving courses begin with an assessment of your existing driving skills. There follows around 6-8 weeks of advanced driving lessons, before another informal assessment to see if you are ready for the test.

During this time you will be learning all kinds of advanced driving skills such as:

– skid control
– different steering methods and their uses
– better use of gears
– effective overtaking
– effective braking techniques

Advanced driving training is not particularly expensive – for instance, the Institute of Advanced Motorists offer training for £139, while RoSPA’s training is free if you join the organisation.

With so many benefits and the chance to become a much better driver, isn’t it time you considered advanced driving training?