3 Bargain Used Cars for New Drivers

(Image Source: Flickr)

Buying a used car is one of the simplest ways to cut down on the costs associated with motoring, particularly for new drivers who are just buying their first vehicle. There is no reason why owning a used car should not result in a hassle-free ownership experience – so long as you make sure to purchase one of the best used vehicles on the market.

Not only do drivers potentially save thousands of pounds by buying a used car, but it is also possible to snatch up a used vehicle that still maintains its warranty from the manufacturer, which would completely remove any risk from your purchase. The fact that the large depreciation hit has already been taken by the previous owner also means that new drivers will be under far less of a burden financially. But what are the top models that a new buyer should look for when trying to find a used car?

The Vauxhall Astra Hatchback

The Vauxhall Astra is one of the top two used vehicles in any monthly bestseller list, and for good reason. The Astra comes with an extremely attractive interior as well as a very high level of standard equipment, with all models coming complete with the likes of air conditioning, DAB radio, Bluetooth phone connection, cruise control, and even sat nav in the Tech Line model. The Vauxhall Astra also offers a wide array of engines, with the most fuel efficient diesel able to reach as high as 85 miles per gallon. People who make lots of short drives in urban areas will also appreciate the 64.2 miles per gallon that can be reached by the 1.0-litre petrol engine. The Astra received a more modern appearance in a facelift in 2016, but older models still offer excellent value, with well equipped models that are now three years old with low mileages often going for less than £9000. The enormous range of cars is a big part of their appeal.

The Skoda Yeti SUV (2009-2017)

The Skoda Yeti has now been discontinued but maintains a strong following due to remaining a superb family vehicle. The Skoda Yeti is actually an SUV, coming with raised ride height that allows for easy access as well as an excellent view of the road, while being considerably less chunky than is the case with most of its competitors. The vehicle offers lots of passenger space, with the interior being very airy, light and spacious. The Varioflex system allows the back seats to slide forwards and backwards in order to give more boot space or leg room as desired, or even be completely removed to transform the car into a van. For around £7500 you can get a three year old model with a turbocharged 1.2-litre engine, but for another £1500 you can get a diesel model that comes with 4-wheel drive.

The Lexus IS Saloon

If your budget’s fairly relaxed, Lexus has strong customer loyalty, and the IS Saloon is a superbly well finished creation that is highly comfortable and has been beautifully engineered. A well-equipped model at barely two years old can usually be found for less than £20,000.