Jul 14

Want to Learn to Drive Before 17?

Child Driving - Learn to drive before 17It’s commonly thought that you cannot learn to drive before 17 in the UK. That’s not strictly speaking true – although you must be 17 to hold a provisional driving license and to drive on public roads, there are no such restrictions in place for private land.

This used to be largely irrelevant for most people, unless you were fortunate enough to grow up on a large private estate. In recent years, however, there has been a strong growth in driving tuition companies offering lessons for under 17s (some start from as young as 14) on private roads of some kind.

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Jul 14

Should We Face Compulsory Driver Re-Testing?

Every few years, road safety campaigners and other interested parties float a controversial idea – that every driver in the UK should face compulsory driver re-testing, in a bid to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on our roads.

It’s easy to see the appeal of such an idea – after all, most of us consider ourselves good drivers, so what’s the problem in proving it?

In reality, however, this is a complex issue, and matters of age, cost and personal freedoms all need to be considered.

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Jul 14

Driving Theory Test Revision: Tips for Each Learning Style


Nobody enjoys revising for a test, but with more than 50% of people failing the theory test on the first attempt, some good driving theory test revision will really pay off. But did you know that your learning style has a big impact on the best way to revise?

The most commonly recommended revision techniques almost always suit visual learners, but if you’re an auditory or kinaesthetic leaner, you’ll need something a little different.

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Jul 14

Parents Teaching Teens To Drive: Good Idea Or Bad Idea?

Teen Driver

The majority of people learning to drive in the UK are teens or young adults, and most will have parents who are willing – if a little reluctantly – to teach them. There are certainly advantages to having parents teaching teens to drive, but there are some big potential pitfalls too.

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