May 14

How To Choose The Perfect Family Car

Choosing a family car is like choosing a family home; you need to spend a lot of time sifting through the unsuitable ones before you find your ideal product. That said, you can speed up the process in many ways, and that’s precisely why we’ve chosen to release this post today. Contrary to popular belief, most cars designed for family usage are actually pretty similar, and so your decision will probably depend upon safety features and aesthetics. With all this in mind, let’s take a quick look at our guide to choosing the perfect family car. After reading through, the entire task should become much less hassle, and you might even have something suitable by the end of the week. Continue reading →

May 14

Driving On The Motorway After Your Practical Test

If you have just passed your practical driving test, some congratulations are in order! Now that you have the freedom to drive your car wherever you want, unsupervised, you will doubtless be itching to get behind the wheel and start building upon your newly-acquired driving skills.

Every new driver on Britain’s roads will, at some point, need to drive on one of the many motorways that snake throughout the United Kingdom. And if you are planning a trip to the continent at some point, you will probably have to negotiate the motorways and highways of Europe too.

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May 14

How Much Do You Know About Cars?

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When you take your theory and practical driving tests, part of those tests will be to determine your knowledge of cars. As a future motorist, you are ultimately responsible for the car or vehicle that you drive on Britain’s roads. Continue reading →

May 14

The Day Before Your Theory Test

The theory test is an important one that you need to pass successfully in order to go onto taking your practical driving test. Introduced nearly 30 years ago, the theory test is a computer-based exam that tests your knowledge on a number of topics including hazard perception. Continue reading →

May 14

Remembering Road Signs For The Theory Test

If you are in the midst of preparing for your driving theory test, you will doubtless be wondering just how comprehensive your knowledge of the road is. The driving theory test is split into two parts; a multiple-choice question section, and a hazard perception section. Continue reading →

May 14

Revising For Your Theory Test

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I don’t know about you, but my memory is pretty useless a lot of the time! It can be quite embarrassing when people ask you questions for which you should know the answers to – especially when there is that uncomfortable “silence” for a couple of seconds whilst you try to recall some important information! Continue reading →

May 14

Preparing For Your Theory Test

Your theory test is something that needs to be completed before you can take your practical driving test. It was first introduced back in July 1996 as a paper-based test, but later updated to as a computerised test in 2000.

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May 14

Car Maintenance & The Theory Test – Part Two

Book Your Theory Test Online covers part two of the car maintenance and the theory test series. Continue reading →

May 14

New App That Will Slash The Cost Of Learning To Drive

Book Your Theory Test Online investigates revolutionary new app that will save learner drivers over £300 by reducing months of practice behind the wheel. Continue reading →

May 14

Do You Need a Theory Test Certificate To Drive a Minibus?

Book Your Theory Test Online covers the requirements for you to drive a minibus. Continue reading →