Emotions Everyone Feels When They Pass Their Driving Test

(Image Source: Flickr)

Passing your driving test, whether you managed it first time or had a few struggles along the way, gives you a huge sense of achievement and freedom. A rite of passage, a real responsibility and most of all, a way to gain true independence, passing your test is worth all those times you emptied your wallet for lessons, spent studying for the theory test, and all the methods you tried to kick those nerves. If you think learning to drive was an emotional rollercoaster, you ain’t felt nothing yet, because when you actually pass there’s no way of shying away from whirlwind of emotions that will overcome you.

Through talking to our students, we’ve managed to put together a timeline of emotions that everyone feels when they pass their driving test, to help prepare you! Here’s how it usually plays out:

Emotion 1: Disbelief

You can’t quite believe you’ve just heard the words “you’ve passed” come out of your examiners mouth. How did you manage that? Even when you read it on that all-important piece of paper you think someone is toying with you. In real life this moment is short-lived, but for you it feels like a lifetime.

Emotion 2: Acceptance

When you walk away with that piece of paper, you suddenly realise that, unless this is an extremely cruel joke, you have actually managed to pass your driving test! Acceptance is great, as it quickly leads onto…

Emotion 3: Elation

You begin to comprehend what this actually means for you. You feel like a total genius and rightly so! YOU’VE PASSED! A rush of confidence and joy fills your entire body as you realise all your efforts have paid off, allowing you to officially (and legally) let loose on the open road on your own.

Emotion 4: Fear

Wait a minute. They’re letting you loose out on the road alone – on your very own. Fear kicks in and soon you start to think of the dangers and how there’s no one there to slam the emergency brakes on when you’ve make a ‘little mistake’. Then you consider the responsibility – and that only enhances your fear.

Emotion 5: Longing

Soon fear turns to longing, as you’d do anything right now to keep your driving instructor by your side. For once you appreciate their support fully, even after all those times you wished you were alone in the car. “Maybe I should have some more lessons”, you think to yourself.

Emotion 6: Confusion

Next you feel confused. Confused as to why you’ve been passed to drive at all. You ask yourself “how can they not see that I’m irresponsible?”

Emotion 7: Dread

You don’t feel ready for this. You thought you would, but you don’t and now you want to tear up the certificate and go back to good old public transport. Nobody needs to know, right?

Emotion 8. Smugness

Hold on – public transport? “No, I never need to go back to public transport, and yes, everybody needs to know!” is what smugness says to dread. You turn your attention back to the greatness of passing your test and can’t tell enough people of your success.

Emotion 9. Boasting

Now your mood has shifted, you realise you are a driving god and there’s no better way to share this than to post it on social media, alongside pictures of your new(ish) machine!

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