Driving Theory Pass Rates Drop to 51%

Image Source: Flickr

The latest statistics from the DVSA show that the pass rate for the theory test in the UK has been steadily declining since this additional element of the driving test was introduced back in 2007. While the pass rate varies considerably by test centre, on average the rate has dropped from 65.4 percent during the 2007-2008 period, to just 51 percent today, meaning more people than ever before are having to retake the test – sometimes multiple times – in order to be eligible to take their practical driving test.

The DVSA5201 report outlines how the theory pass rate has changed since the test was first launched:

2008 – 65.4%
2009 – 65.4%
2010 – 63.8%
2011 – 63.1%
2012 – 60.8%
2013 – 59.1%
2014 – 51.6%
2015 – 51.0%

Why is the Theory Test Pass Rate Dropping?

As a learner driver, these statistics can be worrying. What does this mean for you? Are you less likely to pass your theory test today than you would have been 8 years ago? Not necessarily. The good news for drivers is that passing the theory test isn’t impossible – it just takes a good all round knowledge of road rules and regulations, and a touch of on-road experience. To calm your nerves, it can help to look at the main reasons why the theory pass rate is continuing to drop:

* Language Concerns

According to the Office of National Statistics, there are 4.2 million people living in Britain who do not have English or Welsh as their first language. In 2014, as a result of increasing driving test fraud, the Government cracked down on foreign language testing, prohibiting interpreters from accompanying foreign-speaking residents during the theory test. Today, you must legally complete the theory test in either English or Welsh, which has proven to be challenging for some who struggle to understand and communicate through these mediums.

* Theory Test Changes

Let’s not beat around the bush – the theory test is getting harder. There have been a number of changes introduced over the years that haven’t necessarily been associated with changes in driving conditions or UK road laws. Since the launch of the theory test, we’ve seen case studies being added which extended the original test by five questions, and the DVSA have recently prevented real-life questions from being distributed to the public. We’re always hearing that tests are becoming harder, but in the case of the theory test this really is true.

How to Pass the Theory Test

Despite the changes to the theory test that have made it much more of a challenge, the DVSA aren’t just to blame. A question we should be asking ourselves is whether we allocate as much importance to the theory test as we do to the practical test. Many of us think the theory test is a piece of cake. As a nation, are we getting complacent in relation to the theory aspect of the UK driving test? Perhaps. It IS possible to pass the theory test – the secret is to work both with your driving instructor and on your own to learn about road safety and current laws, making use of study materials available online and in print and making sure you’re confident in your knowledge before booking your test. Good luck!