Best Value Hatchbacks For Young Drivers

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Although many young drivers have expensive taste, times are tough. Value for money is vital in this day and age, so if you’re looking for your first motor you’re best to go for something practical. If you are in the market for your very first car, scroll through this list and see if anything tickles your fancy, and remember, buying a car is just the beginning…

1. Ford KA

First car famous is one way you could describe the ford KA. It’s been the daddy of cars for first time buyers for decades now, and that’s all for a good reason. Not only does the Ford KA enable low tax, low insurance and low fuel costs, it also acts as the ideal partner for beginners. It has a simplistic design, a small exterior and 4 seats.

2. Ford Fiesta

There are plenty of Ford Fiesta’s to choose from, some dating as far back as the 90’s and others brand new. Depending on what you’re looking for, Ford Fiesta is a safe bet. Ford is a trusted car manufacturer and knows exactly how to make small hatchbacks that provide low running costs and a decent sized interior space.

3. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is certainly one for those whose parents have slightly deeper pockets, but opt for one that is years old and you’ll start to see real value for money. It’s a hatchback with options, just be sure to avoid the sporty ST versions… for the time being!

4. KIA Cee’d

Besides it’s futuristic look, the KIA Cee’d is in high-demand with young drivers simply because of the awesome 7 year warranty KIA offers with this model. This, of course, is also appealing for parents as their children can benefit from years of worry-free motoring.

5. Suzuki Swift

Forget the MK1 Swift – you need the 2007 model, which can be picked up at bargain prices if you do your research properly. All models, even the more basic ones, look the part and in addition, are each super affordable to run. Small in size, big in value.

6. VW Polo

Despite all of the economical and environmental problems Volkswagen has been involved with recently, the VW Polo is still a pretty great car for first time buyers. The Polo is a legendary build, so you will pay for premium quality, but you will also benefit from reliability.

7. Toyota Yaris

As a Japanese made car, the Toyota Yaris is designed to save you money. It has a small engine that sips up fuel slowly and efficiently to save you money and it the interior is roomier than it looks.

8. Peueot 206

The French isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind someone mentions quality cars, but the Peuot 206 did a lot to change that, especially for first time buyers. Not only are they built well, they are also incredibly cheap thanks to mass production.

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